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How Print Marketing Could Help Your Business

Print marketing has a vast range of benefits for any business, even in today’s modern world filled with technology and social media. The right approach to printing can hold some of the most value in any marketing strategy. In this blog, we want to take a look at some beneficial printing ideas to consider for your marketing strategy.


One of the most-used pieces of print marketing is business cards, they are absolutely invaluable. If you’re business relies heavily on networking or recommendations, business cards are the easiest way to pass on your details in those quick interactions during events or meetings. Business cards are extremely cheap to produce and a good design could make all the difference in extending a good impression people may already have of you.

Man holding business card
Business cards are a great way to quickly pass on your details.









A classic example of print marketing – billboards. We see hundreds of these on a daily basis, and their marketing power is often underestimated. They provide an opportunity for more than just sharing your company logo, but if you’re clever and creative, captivate an audience. Placement is key, however, and your research should look beyond just the expected footfall (people walking past the sign). If you are advertising on a billboard directly outside of a shop – look at what shop that is, the type of customers they have and whether or not your branding or message fits. Half of the earth’s population could walk by, but if none of them care about your message, a lot of money will have been wasted.



Brochures are a grossly underestimated means of marketing. They, of course, are not relevant for every business, but for those with a product range or stories to tell, they provide great opportunity. If you are a landscape gardener for example, a brochure of your best projects could give your clients an insight into what you could do for them, whilst an interior designer could use a brochure as a product portfolio. They are a fantastic way of promoting your business and giving your potential customers an insight into what you are all about.



Flyers are more-often used a direct promotion for something, be it an event, product or service. Much like the billboard advertising, they have to be relevant to the reader in order for them to take any interest, so careful consideration is needed when designing. They are a great opportunity to showcase your products or send out a message. As well as being relatively cheap to produce, they can reach a vast amount of people. If you want to create awareness around your brand or product, a more ‘general’ message is easily put together, but careful consideration of your audience and a message to match could prove to be very cost-effective. For example, if you attend a music festival over the summer, the chances are you will receive flyers for similar concerts and festivals during the course of the weekend. It’s a simple case of preaching to the converted and works incredibly well for almost any business.


If yourself or business attends events in your industry, banners are a fantastic opportunity to help stand out. Depending on the type of event, networking or exhibition, for example, your business may have a stall to showcase products or highlight your expertise; banners make it easier for people to find your stall or stand out if there is a crowded layout. If you are sponsoring the event, ensuring your logo is included on all official event marketing will help with brand recognition throughout the day.

So there we have it, a quick blog on how print marketing could benefit your business, and why its power should not be overlooked. For any help and assistance on print marketing needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.