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The Importance of Signage for Your Store

Research shows that around 75% of consumers decide on whether they enter a store based on it’s signage, a pretty important statistic for shop owners, and the subject of this very blog!

Your shop front is more than just your company logo, it represents your business and brand as a whole. Much like your website or even a batch of leaflets, every element of design plays its part in enticing the consumer. Here’s how the right design could help your business.


Your storefront tells the customer what you are all about. Think about it – how do you know a restaurant is a restaurant? Or a shoe shop is a shoe shop? It seems pretty basic, but many small businesses get it wrong! Creating signage for your exterior is one thing, but if people don’t know your logo, then showcasing products or detailing services in your shop window are the first step to telling the consumer about you. If competitors are nearby, or even right next door, ensuring your storefront is more appealing to passers-by is crucial.


Following on from that is the most important aspect of any business – your brand. It’s what makes the consumer decide on who they buy from; two competing stores could sell the same product, but the one with a more popular and trustworthy brand is likely to get the sales – sometimes regardless of price! Shop signage develops brand recognition and helps builds customer relations as they become more acquainted with you. Whilst your logo is obviously important, your signage should be readable from most distances, so don’t be afraid to tweak it if needed. Colours should be heavily considered in order to stand out, especially in busy shopping centres or streets; consider the stores around you and what you could do to stand out – even if it means stepping outside of your ‘brand guidelines’ and using colours you wouldn’t normally use – grabbing attention is always the most important thing!


With branding, comes advertising. When promoting yourself or business, you are aiming to generate awareness around your brand and ultimately, convert part of that awareness to sales. This is where some business owners underestimate the power of their storefront, as shoppers are more likely to buy from a business they recognise or remember the name of. If someone spots an advert online, across their social media or even landed on your website at some point, then seeing an extension of that content via your store builds an instant connection and generates trust.

With all that in mind, we’ll leave you to go start work on your own shop front! If you need any assistance in design or sign creation, free free to give us a shout!