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Open Mon - Fri: 09:30-17:00. Sat: 10.00 - 15.00
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How Important is Your Website?

With today’s evolving digital world, making yourself known online is becoming crucial for businesses to survive. As you’d expect, the big social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube provide massive opportunities for business, but one thing that often goes unnoticed is their website. Your website is like your very own home on the internet, designed entirely around yourself or your brand. In this blog, we want to talk about why having a website is so important, and the benefits they present.


Social media profiles are templated which makes it difficult to fully encapsulate your brand, but a website can be fully customised to suit everything about your business. When a customer lands on your site, you are able to present yourself in a way you feel is best. From colours to layouts, images to videos, your website carries your brand through every page. Start thinking about how you can be creative with your designs to better represent yourself.


Having your own website allows you to host an enormous amount of content without having to send your user elsewhere to view it. From videos to blog posts, you can engage your audience in whatever way feels authenticate. If you run a video company, creating a portfolio page for your best work has never been easier. If you’re a copywriter, you’ll need a blog page. If you are a musician, you’re website could stream all of your latest tunes and help build your fanbase. The variations and opportunities within content streaming has expanded so massively in the past decade that you just MUST take advantage!


Communication works two ways. To begin with, you want your customers to be able to contact you. Having a website increases your chances of being found when people search for your business or industry on Google. Once they visit your website, your phone number, email address and social media handles should be visible on every page, making it easier for customers to reach you. Flipping things the other way, having things like a mailing list allows you to capture email addresses, so you can reach potential customers with offers, or just share your latest blog post and updates.


Having online transaction capability could help scale your business.

Whilst it doesn’t apply to all, having the ability to take online payments or bookings could transform someone’s business. Those in the e-commerce space (selling products online) would have these capabilities as standard, but we are starting to see this filter across all industries. Let’s say you run a dance studio for example, having your students book their place online by a deposit or payment let’s you almost automate half your business. You could wave goodbye to manually arranging your diary and classes, taking endless phone calls for bookings or cancellations, and would even help keep track of your accounting. As social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram begin to trial in-platform transactions (embedding your checkout page within Facebook), now really is the time to take advantage of a new frontier.


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