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3 Core Components of a Poster

Designing a poster for your business or event can be tricky. Sometimes, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards in today’s digital world) can be harder than it seems. Not knowing where to start is usually the biggest block and it tends to come from not knowing what is required. Knowing what is needed can help with the ideas – with that said, here are the 3 main things that every poster must include!


We can’t think of any poster that has been created without a purpose. Always think about WHY you need the poster, and exactly what message or promotion you are trying to share. Are you advertising a product? An event? Or just promoting your business/brand? Try not to over complicate your message, or include more than one. People may get confused if you are trying to promote an array of products for example. Stick to your purpose and keep things simple!



When you have a message to share, you need an audience to share it with. Think about who you want to see your poster – or more importantly, who will be interested in it. Think about where the poster will be placed or distributed, and if you could tailor your message to suit. Having relevance to your audience in crucial in them making a connection to your branding and taking action. You can make sure that your posters are not ‘out of place’ and attracting attention for the wrong reasons! For example, if you are advertising your business at a corporate event, then a sleek, professional-looking design will be better suited than something with bright colours and whacky fonts.


Once you have considered the purpose of your poster, and the audience it is for – you’ll be helping yourself massively when it comes to the overall design – things like colours, text and imagery become much easier to decide upon. If you are advertising a tangible product for example, then perhaps incorporating an image may prove beneficial. If you are advertising an event, then key details like dates, times and ticket costs must be stated clearly. Anything that has an objective to build your brand should include your business logo and relevant contact details; this could also influence your colour schemes to ensure everything is ‘in-keeping’.


We hope you found these tips helpful for creating your creating your next poster. Websites and Print are a local business providing design and printing solutions, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, or would like help!