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GW Dick & Co – Rebranding Project

We can now finally unveil the full rebrand of GW Dick & Co as all designs, prints, and website are completed.

GW Dick and Co | Websites and Print
We were approached in Late January of this year by the company and asked to quote on a full rebrand, this included redesigning:

  • Company logo
  • Letterhead (full colour and black and white) and continuation sheets
  • Compliment slips
  • Business cards
  • Email signature
  • Accounts outers (front and back) for binding
  • Promotional leaflets
  • Oversized brochures

We also built a completely new website from scratch.

As with any rebrand, we set about getting the brief from the clients before starting on a new logo. The brief was to bring the brand into the modern era with a simple and sophisticated logo that still maintains the companies heritage and traditions. The below shows the logo as it was originally and also the new design we conceptualised.

From here we were able to look at the other aspects of the job, incorporating the logo branding into everything else that we did to create a brand identity that was consistent across the board. We then could look at getting all of the items printed once a vigorous design and proofing process had been undertaken to to worm out any small errors / changes. Once this was sorted though we could print all of the items accordingly.

We were also able to bring this forward into the website to make sure that it was instantly recognisable as the same company upon landing on any page of the site. As well as having a website that looks good it also has to function well, all of our websites are built to give the user the best experience possible by making it as easy to navigate as possible to where they would want to be. We also only build fully responsive websites meaning that they all adjust accordingly to the screen shape and size, again, giving the user the best possible experience possible.

All together the process took roughly six months, although a lot of the time was waiting on third parties for things such as images, domain access etc. If you’d like some information on how we can help you to rebrand your company then please don’t hesitate to contact us here.