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Getting Started with Print

Getting a grip on the market through print

Print can used as a fantastic form of marketing for any business as it can reach all sorts of potential customers if the right approach is taken. The first step is to identify who you want to advertise too; whether that be your existing market or a whole new one.

Print Marketing

If your business wants to gain a new stream of customers, depending on your industry, you may want to try a targetted leaflet drop. i.e. a sandwich company may want to target a near by industrial estate or a hair dresser may want to target the local homes. Even a change in your business may bring in new business if you keep your existing customers abreast of changes, for instance a local restaurant may have a menu change or a special event like Valentines Day and they could use a leaflet drop to promote that.

Using posters within your business can also be a useful tool to promote areas of your business that may be under used or go unseen. i.e. a pub may want to promote a guest ale or quiz night, a gym could promote new classes or a hair dressers could promote a new hair care product. Similar to this is the popup banner, this can be used in a place of business to highlight areas of your company like products or services. They are portable, durable and come with protective carrying cases which means that they can be taken to sales and networking events to promote your business externally.

If you are in the line of work where you would often meet with clients of attend networking, expos or other sales events a great opportunity to promote your business is to take advantage of a branded device case for your smart phone or tablet. Our device cases are strong, durable and attractive, we print directly onto the case to prevent any pealing or fading that you would get from a sticker.

Another option within Print Marketing is Flyering which is fantastic if your business deals with the general public rather than business to business. Flyering can be used via local high streets, community centres, shopping complexes, expos & networking events and even in other places of business. This is an ideal form of advertising for a new business or a business that has recently moved premises.

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Business Stationery

Meeting clients and networking can be an important part to any business in order to bring in sales or grow the business, with this in mind it is important that you have business stationery of a high enough standard to represent your business correctly. One of the first things a person will do when meeting a new client is exchange business cards either at the start or at the end of a meeting. If you carry business cards that are of a low quality, for instance too thin or flimsy, poorly printed or even printed on an office printer this will reflect badly on your business. Our business cards printed in full colour, they are Matt Laminated and of a thickness of 400gsm to ensure a high quality print.

Communication is key within business, especially when talking to clients whether that be business to business or the general public. Using a company letterhead is key to representing your company correctly, a professionally printed letterhead is of a higher quality than one printed from an office printer. Initially paper is of a higher density or gsm, professionally printed letterhead are printed to the edge or bleed of the paper when office based printers will only print to a margin on average of 1cm from the edge. This is the same for compliment slips that can be used for any industry that may have to have products delivered to their clients or customers.

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Designing your printed materials

Making sure that you have the correct design for your printed materials is essential whether you do that in house, have your own graphic designer or would like WDP Studio to design them for you. The layout of your printed materials should reflect your company in the correct manner, making sure to identify what your main markers should be and how they are displayed. Whenever anybody sees your flyers, business cards, poster ..etc they should recognise that it is from your company on first glance, this is called brand recognition and is key to designing all of your marketing materials.

For each of our printed materials we provide easy to follow printing guidelines in order for you to design the layouts correctly for print.


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